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The price of PatchMaker to be installed on a single computer is US$256.

Steps to buy the program:

  • Pay for your purchase at one of our authorized resellers on your choice:
  • Download the Full version of PatchMaker from this page, PatchMaker.exe (7.0 Mb). (Note: the free Demo version lacks some of the features of the Full version and cannot be activated. If you have previously installed the Demo version and now wish to buy the Full version, you just need to reinstall PatchMaker and go through the Activation procedure. No additional download is required.)
  • Install and run PatchMaker. Send to code(at) the Machine Code generated by PatchMaker along with your own contact information, details.
  • Wait for the Activation Code that will be mailed to you in a short time (typically a few hours). Anyway, we guarantee that the Activation Code will be mailed within at most two working days from the moment we get your payment confirmation from the shop and your Machine Code, possible slow down reasons.

If you have any questions relating to the outlined steps, please, contact our sales department at sale(at)