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  • Arkan - B-spline mask outlining

Videos and more...

Download several examples of video sequences both raw and edited with PatchMaker and make your own judgment as to its power and advantages compared to your familiar tools.

Each example includes

  • A source video sequence (AVI compressed with DivX).

  • A source untransformed overlay (unless this is a background stabilization example).

  • The output AVI rendered by PatchMaker.

  • A zip-archive containing PatchMaker and Adobe After Effects projects together with all footage and overlay frames needed to run the Demo and replicate the motion tracking and rendering in PatchMaker and AE.

  • All AVI movies are duplicated for the users of Apple QuickTime (files *.mov).

See these examples to get quickly acquainted with PatchMaker capabilities.

Hide Wire

source video: Hide Wire

Formula 1

source video: Formula 1

Santa Claus

source video: Santa Claus

Yellow Taxi

source video: Yellow Taxi


source video: Cathedral

Yellow House

source video: Yellow House


source video: Amistad


source and stabilized video: Square

  • source, soft and strong stabilized videos (3 in 1): square.avi (4.3 Mb), .mov (4.4 Mb). Read about distinction among various degrees of stabilization in our manual.

  • full project1: (3.8 Mb)

1 The project size exceeds the sequence length limit of the Demo version.