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Features & Benefits

  • An outstanding algorithm of object motion estimation. PatchMaker has a number of incontestable advantages compared to 2D tracking tools:

    1. Perfect motion tracking quality. Attained because PatchMaker uses all the color data present in the object image rather than a few tracking points. The motion is computed with subpixel accuracy so that no artificial smoothing of motion parameters is needed the object moves as it actually does. The results are not feasible with common tracking techniques, especially in reproducing the finest motion details.

    2. High performance. PatchMaker tracks 2D object motion in the image plane and this involves much less computation compared to full-fledged 3D tracking. However, 2D transformations will do perfectly in a vast number of cases, particularly with the use of more complex motion models supported by the program. The motion of non-planar objects in a sequence can often be divided into segments where it can be quite accurately represented by 2D transformations.

      Despite comparatively fast running times of other trackers, the inferior quality of their results and cumbersome tuning procedures make one retrack the same sequence many times. Overall, this will often take much longer than when using the PatchMaker.

    3. Ease of tuning as ABC. All you have to do is (A) select a frame for which an overlay (a patch) is drawn; (B) mark out an object that moves just like the overlay should; and (C) run the tracker. The default parameters are chosen such that the need to change them would arise as rarely as possible. The effort required to become familiar with PatchMaker and obtain your first meaningful and high-quality results is minimal.

    4. Wide range of supported motion models: translation, translation with rotation, translation with rotation and scaling, and affine transforms, it being possible to use multiple motion types for different intervals in a single video sequence.

      Affine transformations computed by PatchMaker do not yield in quality to other motion types. In concurring products such transformations are estimated from the motion of as few as three points, and their total statistic error does not permit to use this model in practice.

  • Easy, familiar, and neat interface. The PatchMaker interface will seem familiar to users of AE and other Adobe products. Retaining their style and power, it allows easy access to all supported features and operation modes, including:

    1. Concurrent execution of independent actions. All lengthy computations are performed in the background and do not interfere with user activities like drawing masks, editing parameters, previewing or rendering the already obtained results.

    2. Possibility to undo any action. One or more recent user actions can be undone, or redone.

    In addition, direct data exchange between PatchMaker and AE, including footage, overlay and motion parameters, is fast and easy.

  • PatchMaker has earned recognition from leading professionals. Before PatchMakers release to the market, it was finished and tested in real work in one of Moscows best post-production studios. By accommodating the requests and suggestions made by studio people, we were able to evolve PatchMaker into their handy, reliable and indispensable tool.