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minor changes in the program may be not reflected hereafter

Version history

Upgrade to new versions, including future ones, is absolutely free of charge.

2 December 2004

  • The program startup might fail on some computers until that release due to different FPU control defaults.

17 September 2004

21 July 2004

  • PatchMaker now can automatically detect, when an object leaves a scene, and stop tracking it. Unfortunately, in the previous builds of PatchMaker such an event could hang the program in the worst case.

22 April 2004

  • The Full and the Demo versions were merged in a single distribution file so that users willing to buy PatchMaker wont have to download the code again.
  • The User Manual was improved (mostly the English version).

10 March 2004

This is the first public release following numerous beta-releases. All bugs revealed during beta-testing phase have been fixed. The PatchMaker Manual in two languages (English, Russian) is now available.