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PatchMaker 2D-motion tracker: most accurate and reliable tracker ever made

Pixmart LLC is proud to announce PatchMaker its new smart 2D-motion tracking and stabilizing tool. Its outstanding performance and low price ($256) make it a must for any postproduction studio big or small. PatchMaker is run as a standalone application but can also work in concert with Adobe After Effects.

A FREE demo, with lots of samples (including project samples) and detailed documentation can be downloaded from

PatchMaker implements our proprietary motion tracking algorithms (with a minimum number of parameters) that enable subpixel accuracy in motion evaluation and attain meticulous object patching and background stabilization.

PatchMaker has a crisp interface (that will look familiar to After Effects users) and comes with a detailed tutorial. As a result, it would take very little time to get down to real work with PatchMaker.

PatchMaker has earned recognition from leading professionals. It was finished and tested in real work in one of Moscows best post-production studios.

PatchMaker is more than a tracker. It has a built-in rendering engine to apply a moving patch to an object in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, a broadband data exchange channel with Adobe After Effects is also available.

Other Features

Fast and accurate motion estimation machinery. PatchMaker has a number of incontestable advantages over other 2D tracking tools:

  1. Perfect motion tracking quality.
  2. High performance.
  3. Ease of tuning.
  4. Wide range of supported motion models.

Easy, familiar, and neat interface:

  1. Concurrent execution of independent actions.
  2. Possibility to undo any action.

See feature details at


Footage can be loaded in common formats (BMP, JPEG, TIFF, TARGA, GIF, and PNG) or imported from active layer in an After Effects composition. After Effects integration is achieved via a special plug-in.

Motion parameters can be exported directly to After Effects or saved in the text format.
The produced composition can be output in the same image format or saved as an AVI sequence.

PatchMaker runs under Windows NT, 2000, and XP on a computer with a Pentium III class processor or higher and at least 128 Mb of memory. Even though there is no PatchMaker version for Mac, you can still run it on Mac under the Virtual PC emulating software.

Pricing and Availability

PatchMaker may be purchased now at for US $256 (download). The same downloaded distribution file can be used to install the FREE Demo version or a protected FULL version (activation required on purchase).

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